• Tylerish

    Hi, I'm Tyler aka Tylerish! I'm the CEO/Founder of VastRupture, and very proud of that title. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and I'll get back to you as soon as possible....Read More

  • MoneyComment

    @moneycomment = Twitter and pretty much everything else....Read More

  • Legend

    My name is Noah and I am the Community Manager for VastRupture! If you ever want to talk about setting up an event or community get together, i'm your guy. ...Read More

  • VRJustTherapy

    Excuse me traveller, a word in your ear if I may? I am Jake otherwise known as Therapy. Slow to trust, quick to kill. I play a whole manor of games from Call of duty to Dungeons and Dragons. Silver tounge gamer, sleepy adventurer and assassination extraordinaire. I play exclusively on the gaming device known as the 4th edition in the PlayStation line. (PS4) Any who can withstand my might and gaming prowess is worthy of my friendship. Peace be upon you friend!    Jake Hamilton Therapy Vast Rupture General Manager...Read More

  • Dezire

    Lets Keep This Simple! Im Dave! One of the Co-Owners of Vast Rupture. Im a Graphics Designer too. And Also a 7ft Basketball Player. ...Read More